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MyLabel will be taken from the market
MyLabel will be taken from the market. Patterns will be available for free until the end of 2012.
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This My Label Demo Version will show you how this remarkable software works. After installation of the demo software a „First Time Help" slide presentation will appear on your computer screen, giving you a brief overview of the software. Click on the screen or press the Space Bar to begin the presentation; it will run automatically.
You can access it again at any time by selecting First Time Help from the Help menu at the top of the screen. Access My Label software instructions by selecting Browse/Search Help from the Help menu. This online manual will walk you through the steps of operating the software and creating My Label garments customized to your specifications.
Usage of this My Label Demo Version is limited, restricting customization of the model properties but allowing access to all embellishments and style properties for the Basic Skirt and T-Shirt included in the full version. It also includes full 3-D simulation and viewing of these garments on your personalized model. To see the full version of My Label, including printing your skirt and t-shirt patterns, please contact your local BERNINA dealer.
For locations in the USA visit and click on Find a Dealer. For locations outside the USA visit