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1. There are circular marks on the darts and the pockets and lines that extend beyond these marks. Which are the appropriate ones to follow when marking a pattern?
2. Is the software compatible with MacIntosh computers?
3. What is the first thing I should do when opening My Label Software?
4. Are there seam allowances on the pattern pieces on the work table?
5. My model does not look like the model in the Help manual. She is silvery gray with no underclothing, what is wrong?
6. Do I have to print my patterns in PDF format? Can't I print them directly to the plotter?
7. When do I change model measurements and when do I change style properties measurements?
8. I have opened a style and my Style Properties box disappeared and Piece Properties are showing in its place. How do I get them to return?
9. I already have a PDF writer on my computer. Do I have to install the one that is included with the security key?
10. How many measurements are needed?
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